Educational game




The problem is that we tend to think of education in general that it should be something serious and fun should be within limits when it comes to education so that the kids won’t miss the “moral” “benifit” from the game, thus when tend to come up with an educational its usually boring or inefficient as a game. However imagine having a game that joins between fun and educational purpose, a game that unconsciously truly leaves an impact on kids and even adults.

No matter how old I get, this brilliant game stays my favorite and I have a lot of fun playing it! It basically combines some of the important factors mentioned in the page titled “What makes a good game?”, that should be present in an educational game. This game  has a tremendous stock of vocabulary that anyone who play this game would probably benefit from. It also helps in teaching the kids or even adults how to work or function under pressure, communicate with their group, be creative in delivering/presenting the words and it even enhances their drawing/ artistic skills. The game also involves a challenging and fun atmosphere.

Pictionary can be uttered slightly to be even more educational than it already is through changing the cards to more educational subjects, like cells or organs from biology for instance! In my humble opinion, not only pictionary but any board game is like a pizza, it can have many different tastes just through changing few ingredients!


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