The Nile Project Reflection “The story behind the nile project”

“Music carves us paths to a new understanding of one another”, that basically describes their main vision. Mina and Meklit had a goal that was set clear in front of their eyes since they started the idea of this project, yet how to deliver it was their main concern! They came up with a very creative idea that may seem silly or inefficient to many people, which was spreading out their word through the aid of music and education. The idea is brilliant and creative because of its simplicity or at least I consider it that way.  Having the idea of who are their target audience in the back of their head while developing this idea was so obvious. They aren’t addressing leaders or decision makers, instead they are focused on the nations, the people, as they have learned that they are the only ones who have the real power to change things! They are also focused on the younger generations, they probably aren’t expecting a short term results for their project, may be just minimal effects or results. However, the main purpose is to enlighten and educated the younger generation and tell them the story of the Nile in a different and creative way, so that they won’t make the past generation’s mistakes nor our mistakes in the future.

Another really interesting thing that I find about this project is that; although the project’s main purpose is to raise awareness about the Nile river it serves another very important purpose.  It reunite and re-establish the sense of belonging of the people to the african nation, which most of us do forget or ignore often times. They used the idea of the Nile,  a physical (material) connection, to emphasize on this forgotten idea of our African unity, which I think is a crucial thing to focus on during the coming period!

4 responses to “The Nile Project Reflection “The story behind the nile project””

  1. hodamostafa says :

    Fantastic research, I hadn’t seen this one:)

  2. nancytomoum says :

    Music is an excellent way for delivering their message easily as it will grab people’s attention more,and they will get to listen to a new type of music.However,youngesters don’t listen to new,so it is an excellent way to let them take part and get to know more about the problems of water .Also, it is a way to remind people that they are related to the African nation.

  3. Yasmine Mansour says :

    We’re Africans! It’s really disappointing that we forgot this. Their idea is simply awesome!

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